2018 Speakers

Past Presenters

Talk: From Boot to Root – Building Offensive Security Skills

Andrew Kozma (CISO, Halifax Regional Police)

Andrew Kozma is the Chief Information Security Officer for the Halifax Regional Police. He works with the HRP Executive Management team providing strategic planning and risk management services around the use and adoption of digital technology supporting law enforcement.

As Co-founder of Atlantic Canada’s largest security conference AtlSecCon and the Halifax Area Security Klatch Andrew is also heavily involved in improving the information security community. Prior to joining the Halifax Regional Police, Andrew was employed by a leading security company and has worked on several information security mandates that focus on cyber security architecture assessments and information security management reviews.

Further, Andrew has assisted organizations in developing information security management systems, performing IT risk assessments and infrastructure analysis.

Talk: User Behaviour Analytics Compete with Traditional Security Detection Technologies

Amit Khandekar (Solution Engineer, Aruba/HPE)

Over 17 years of Information Security experience in various security domains like Threat Intelligence, User and Entity Behaviors Analytics (UEBA), Malware Analysis, Security Operation Centre(SOC), SIEM, Incident Management, Malware Analysis, Forensic Analysis, Security Architecture(Design & Review) & Security Consulting

Talk: Winning Friends and Influencing People in Cyber Security, aka Passive Social Engineering

David Ghosh (Systems Engineer, Palo Alto)

David Ghosh is a Systems Engineer. He has been working in the cybersecurity field since 2007. In the Telecom space, he led sec ops, managed security services, and Network Security Engineering.

Talk: A Gentle Introduction to MITRE ATT&CK

Jason Keirstead (Lead Architect, IBM Security)

Jason Keirstead is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and a senior product architect for IBM Security. He has over 15 years of experience in security intelligence and is also a co-chair of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee. Jason has spoked on cybersecurity matters at events such as RSA, Borderless Cyber Europe, and IBM THINK.

Talk: The History and Analysis of Stuxnet

Lilly Chalupowski (Security Application Developer – Threat Intelligence, GoSecure)

Lilly works with GoSecure on Threat Intelligence and started her journey being mostly self-taught making hacking tools in her spare time. Chameleon (custom base64 steganography), Badger (DLL Security Enumeration including ASLR Entropy), Dirty-Needle (DLL Injection Tool) and more.

She has presented at the Atlantic Security Conference on PE File Structure Security Enumeration and Custom Base64 Steganography, Hask (Halifax Area Security Klatch) on using file upload vulnerabilities to obtain shell access to a webserver using injection techniques. She has also presented at Digital Discovery Camp for kids on Phishing Awareness and SQLi with interactive demos helping children understand Cyber Security and how to keep an ethical approach, at the same time she is making Cyber Security a more attractive profession to young people.