2019 Speakers

2019 Presenters

Talk: A discussion on why Security needs to jump on the Software Defined bandwagon

Allan MacDonald (Palo Alto)

Allan MacDonald is a Systems Engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in Networking and Security. He has helped design and build Network and Security infrastructure for telecoms, utilities and public safety organizations across Canada.

His goal in life is to make things as easy as possible for the people who get called out at 2 am (because he’s been that person too many times). He’s been lucky enough to spend most of his career in Atlantic Canada and benefit from the great levels of innovation in this region. He spends as much of his spare time in the summer as possible on the beach in Cape Breton and is still searching for a good winter hobby now that he’s too old to play pond hockey.

Talk: Finders Keepers (KPot Stealers)

Lilly Chalupowski (GoSecure)

Lilly is a TITAN Malware Research Lead at GoSecure and started her journey being mostly self-taught making hacking tools in her spare time. Chameleon (custom base64 steganography), Badger (DLL Security Enumeration including ASLR Entropy), Dirty-Needle (DLL Injection Tool), The Chrome Crusader (Chrome Extension Malware POC) and more.

She has presented at many conferences such as AtlSecCon, BSides Las Vegas, Sector, BSides Fredericton, BSides St Johns, Hask, ISACA Atlantic, GoSec and more. Topics have included PE File Structure Security, Steganography, Chrome Extension Malware and Header Insecurities, The History and Analysis of Stuxnet, Malware Analysis of Remote Administration Tools, Malware Unpacking, Reverse Engineering and more.

Lilly has been on The Register for her work with Chrome Extensions as well as on CTV to comment on phishing campaigns. She has volunteered for Girls Power Tech, Techsploration, Digital Nova Scotia and many other programs to inspire children to consider cybersecurity as a profession in the future.

Talk: GET /malware HTTP/1.1 – Loaders on the Landscape

Nick Biasini (Cisco Talos)

Nick Biasini’s interest in computers and technology started at a young age when he tore apart his parent’s brand new 486SX PC. Ever since he has been tinkering with computers in one way or another.

In his time with Talos Nick has been responsible for exposing new details to major threats, with a focus on crimeware. This includes exposing the Angler exploit kit, identifying new techniques like Domain Shadowing, helping to stop a large scale Nuclear exploit kit campaign, and revealing clever spam campaigns delivering ransomware.

Nick has a master’s degree in digital forensics from the University of Central Florida and has worked for government and private sector environments in his career.

Talk: Manipulating Mr. Black

Tien Phan (GoSecure)

Tien Phan holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Dalhousie University, Halifax. Tien is a TITAN Malware Researcher at GoSecure and he works on malware analysis and threat intelligence. His research interests include, but are not limited to, maldoc and malware analysis, threat intelligence, reverse engineering, vulnerability research and machine learning.

He has published/presented his research at prestigious conferences, such as GoSec on malware manipulation, NOMS (Network Operations and Management Symposium) on botnet detection systems, ARES (International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security) on the elliptic curve cryptosystem authentication scheme, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) on three-factor authentication scheme, and the International Journal of Network Management on machine learning models for compromised user analysis.

Talk: While Learning: Try Fail()

Zachary Adam-MacEwen ( Kensho Security Labs)

Zac is the founder of Kensho Security Labs. As the currently-only member of the Labs’s staff, his responsibilities include pretty well everything the Labs do. The product of a largely self-directed technical education, he jocularly refers to himself as the “least qualified person in the room”, not that that’s stopped him from spearheading the development of Tapestry and its companion Service, Loom; accumulating a significant score on Hack the Box; or leading the charge on the creation of an in-house bug bounty program at his day job.

Zac is a former (he says “Recovering”) chef, a graduate of the New Brunswick Community College, and a dab hand with a set of lockpicks. When he’s not actively trying to sound confident in the third person, he’s usually working on some sort of workflow improvements.

Talk: What is the Cyber Defense Matrix & Why You Should Care

Jason Keirstead (IBM)

Jason Keirstead is IBM’s Chief Architect for Threat Management. His role includes the complete threat life cycle, from Threat Insight, through Prevention, Detection, Response and Recovery. Jason works with architects across IBM’s Cloud, Hardware and Research business units – and those in external organizations – to evolve IBM’s Threat Management offerings into a unified, open, standards-based solution. Jason also sits on the OASIS Board of Directors on behalf of IBM.

Talk: Keeping the Lights On and the Water Clean – Understanding the ICS Threat Landscape

Peter Morin (PwC)

Peter is a Director PwC’s Cyber Security and privacy practice where he focuses on ICS and Critical Infrastructure. He is a senior cyber security professional with over 20 years of experience focusing on information security risk management, cyber threat incident response, threat hunting, malware analysis, and computer forensics.

Peter has worked in senior positions for a number of organizations, including a national telecommunications and media company, Fortune 500 cloud-computing company, a recognized cyber security software company and most recently a major US defense contractor where he focused on developing insider threat solutions, engaging in incident response and threat hunting and implementing monitoring and detection systems for security operations centers.

Peter holds a number of designations including the CISSP, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT as well as a number of SANS GIAC certifications. Peter has presented at numerous events held by the FBI, Blackhat, US Department of Homeland Security, HTCIA, American Public Power Association, PMI, SANS, and ISACA. Peter is also a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and university throughout North America.

Talk: Deploying a DNS firewall as layered protection – A uniquely Canadian context

Lindsay Carreau (CIRA)

Lindsay Carreau has had a 20-year career in building out programs and products from scratch. From her early days of direct sales for a variety of Ottawa tech companies to her 8-year career of running Canada’s only high-end hair and skincare e-commerce store, Lindsay has done it all! She doesn’t have a favourite member of One Direction, but her favourite character from the office is Kevin, no…Andy, no it’s Erin. Ah forget it, she loves all of them.

Lindsay is thrilled to be building innovative programs for CIRA now with the direct aim of impacting Canadian’s specifically. There’s never been a better time to represent our awesome country and Lindsay loves that she can do it with a leading technology solution & organization like CIRA!